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Most Affordable Photo Booths!
What is required to book a Photo Booth?
After we get all of your information for your upcoming event we'll email you a contract.  Once you review the contract, we'll need a signed copy
sent back to us.  You can either scan and email this or mail it back to the address provided.  Along with the contract, we require a $250 deposit
to reserve the booth.  You can mail a personal check or money order along with your contract or call in any major credit card over the phone.

What are the space requirements for the photo booth?
Our photo booth requires an area 4'x6'.  It should be within 25 feet of a 20A 110v outlet.  If there are any stairs leading into where the photo
booth will be set up, we ask that you just let us know.

When will you set the photo booth up?
We prefer to have the photo booth set up at least 30 minutes prior to the event. Setting up while an event is underway is just unattractive.  For
example if your party is from 5 - 10, but you are booking the photo booth from 7 - 10, we would prefer to be set up by 5. We charge $50 an hour
for idle time however the first hour is on us.  So for the booth to sit idle from 5-7 it would cost an additional $50.

When is the balance due?
Balance is due 10 days prior to the date of your event.  This can be paid by cash, check, money order, or credit card.  In some cases, we will
accept final payment the night of the event BEFORE the booth is set up.

What does the Attendant do?
Our friendly attendant will ensure the photo booth is operating 100% throughout your entire event.  In the rare event that something goes wrong
with the photo booth, they can quickly diagnose and correct the issue.  We have a complete backup booth at every event in the event that
something mechanically malfunctions.  Along with maintaining the booth, the attendant will also assist all of your guests in operating the photo

Can We choose our photo strip color option?
Yes.  Before each session the guests will have the option to pick either Color, B&W, or Sepia on the touchscreen display.

What will our guests receive?
Each photo booth session will print out 2 identical 2x6" photo strips. One of these strips will go into the scrapbook if you choose to do so.  The
other strip will go to the guests.  If you wish for everyone in the booth to each receive a copy of the photo strip, we have a $50 "Extra Print"
option.  Will this option, everyone in the booth would receive a copy of the photo strip. Everyone will also receive a business card that contains
the info and password to get to the online photo gallery.

What will I receive?
At the end of your event,  you will receive a Photo DVD, Scrapbook, and Link to your online photo gallery. The Photo DVD will contain all of the
raw image files and the actual photo strip file.

When will my photos be available online?
Photos are reviewed and uploaded within 24-48 hours.  They will stay online for a minimum of 180 days. Any photos deemed "inappropriate" will
not be published online.

Are you insured?
Yes.  LLR Photo Booths carries $1,000,000 Liability coverage.  A copy is available upon request.